‘Bad Night’ Movie Review

The film ‘Bad Night’ stars YouTube sensations Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen and Jenn McAllister. The film was released on July 21st, 2015 on Vimeo on Demand, and is about two teenage girls who have a night they never expected! Lauren and Jenn play Kate and Abby, who get mistaken for famous art thieves in the middle of a heist. This film has action, explosions, comedy, and drama all wrapped up in a story that can not be missed! This film is like Home Alone, with two high school girls taking control! I rate this movie 4/5 for its strong female empowerment, great humor, and overall quality of a film. However, it’s more of a chick flick and less geared toward a male audience. 

bad night 3

Photo Cred: YouTube Society

Lauren Elizabeth Luthringshausen YouTube Channel: Lauren Elizabeth

Jenn McAllister YouTube Channel: Jenn McAllister

Official Movie Website: Bad Night


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