Kylie Jenner’s Lip      Injections…Yay or Nay??


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Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but at just 18 years old she is already making her own name for herself. She is a fashion designer, TV personality, author, and entrepreneur, to name a few.

But what she may be most known for are her lips! The Kylie Jenner pout is one that is envied by many, and even was emulated during the world-wide challenge sensation known as the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge, where individuals would suck on shot glasses in order to inflame their lips and achieve luscious Kylie lips.

Kylie later came out that the secret to her sultry pout is lip injections, and not everyone was pleased to hear that. Noteably, her mother and manager, Kris Jenner. 

Kris stated to Access Hollywood that, “I got really upset. And then it was done, and I had to let it go,” in regards to then 17 year old Kylie getting lip injections.

Kris Jenner also commented to Access Hollywood that, “I get a little crazy – and I think that is what no one sees – and I do have definite thoughts and ideas or [ideas on] what she should do, you know, at a really young age. I am from a generation hat in my day, I mean, some of this stuff did not exist for sure but, I don’t think I did one thing physically to myself until I was in my 50s. So I am thinking, ‘Why, why? Why do you need that?'”

However, many young and old alike love not only Kylie’s lips, but her escentric yet sophisticated style. Jenner has emerged as a great style icon in the last few years, and it does not seem as though her reign will end anytime soon.

Comment below your thoughts on Kylie’s lip injections! Do you agree with Kris or Kylie? 

Source: Us Weekly  
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